Brisbane Trail Marathon Camp

Shona Stephenson on the Trails of the Brisbane Trail Marathon Shona Stephenson on the Trails of the Brisbane Trail Marathon

Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp

Saturday 5th of March or  Sunday 6th of March

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Shona Stephenson and her team at Ultra Training Australia are get you out of the city and hitting the trails with more confidence than ever before in the beautiful Brisbane Hinterland at Mount Glorious. Join us for a stunning trail run into the heart of the D’Angular National Park Rainforest. Keep an eye out for Pademelons on the trip up the mountain and into the lush, emerald, green wilderness which is located less than 1 hour from Brisbane’s CBD, 30 minutes from The Gap and 20 Minutes from Samford. After our amazing trail adventure we will have a post run seminar at Shona’s House where we will eat a recovery meal and be treated to Shona’s home cooking while she leads a discussion about everything trail running.

Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp Details

Saturday 6th of March  Intermediate-Advanced ” Trail Master” Group 15-20km

Sunday the 7th Entry Level- Intermediate “Trail Taster” Group 12km

  • 6am Session Safety briefing
  • Pre-session weigh in for the hydration weigh in.
  • Meet and Greet your new trail running mates and registration. 
  • Enjoy Green Tea and homemade Kombucha and Cold Press Coffee 

Mount  Glorious Training camp Start Time 6:30am

20km Intermediate-Advanced “Trail Master” Saturday the 6th of March

3-4 Hours Of Trail Work Shop 

12km Beginner-Intermediate “Trail Taster” Sunday the 7th of March

3-4 Hours of Trail Work Shop.

At the Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp we will be running into the heart of the D’aguilar National Park on the Kobble Circuit with views of Lake Samson, Mt Samson, Samford Valley with challenging descents and climbs. Spot native orchards, carpet pythons, pademelons, cabbage tree palms, cycads, lush ferns and the odd wild bore.

This is more than a trail run it is a “Trail Running Workshop”.

You will receive on the trail technical advise to improve your confidence on the trails. We will stop often to work though correct trail technique, body position, line picking, foot placement and creek crossings. The aim of the camp is to improve your confidence, to give you some helpful tricks to help you descend, climb more efficiently, more safely and with more speed.

Groups will be limited to 10 people.  

Shona Stephenson, as your hostess and will be assisted by an Ultra Training Australia Trail Running Sweeper to help out and give more tips on mental toughness, technique and share stories from their experiences too.

The Mount Glorious Kobble Circuit is one of Shona’s favourite training runs with a challenging climb, technical descent, beautiful flora, a rugged creek crossing at a camp ground that has some more side tracks that can be added onto to gain more kilometers. It is a great training ground for and Skyrunning, Ultra Trail Australia 100 or 50, Coastal High 50, Glass House Mountains, Oxfam TW Brisbane or Kokoda Challenge Event, Blackall 100 or 50km events.

After your 12km “Trail Taster” or 20km “Trail Master,” training run we will weigh in and test out your hydration plan for the day. 

Mandatory Gear

We are travelling into the depths of the D’aguilar National Park so we must all be prepared to remain safe in the event of an accident.

  • Hydration pack with 2L Capacity. This can be made up of 1L  Bladder and 2x500ml Bottles like the Inov8 Race Elite Vest
  • 6-10 Serves of Hydration Fluid like Hammer Heed or gels or 100 calorie portions of food.
  • 10cm Snake Compression Bandage (Yes, I have spotted snakes on this run and a wild bore!)
  • Emergency Blanket.
  • 5cm x 5M Leukoplast Rigid Bandage
  • Triangular Bandage

The conditions up at Mount Glorious are significantly different to Brisbane’s climate. On average the temperature is 5 degrees cooler and there is 40% more chance of rain.

In the event of bad weather a long sleeve thermal top and light weight, wet weather, seam sealed waterproof jacket with a hood will be required as part of your mandatory gear.

You will be notified on the 3rd of March if the Water Proof Jacket with a Hood and Thermal Top is required. It is good practice to have this gear available and it is usually part of many race kit requirements. Please email Shona if you want pre-camp information about any mandatory gear.

Trail shoes like Inov8 X-Talons 212 are strongly recommended. If you do not have trail shoes please wear a low profile shoes, with good grip and see if you can borrow hiking poles if you are not confident with trail descending and ascending. By the end of the session we will have you feeling more confident in your own ability, you will be picking lines like a pro and climbing and descending with less energy and with better form and technique.

Post Mount Glorious Training Camp Seminar 11am-2:30pm

Lunch will be served and the 3.5 Hour seminar will begin at around 11am, if all runs smoothly. This is trail running and delays can happen when out training in a group, it is just part of the adventure.

Mount Glorious Training Camp Buffet Lunch will take place at Shona’s House in Mount Nebo with stunning views over the Samford Valley and out to Moreton Island.

Home Made Fresh Menu

Kombucha, Cold Press Coffee, Green Tea

Chia, Coconut, LSA, Oat Recovery Bars

Lemon Fat Bombs

Sweet Potato with Home Made Aioli.

Beetroot, Ginger, and Carrot Salad

Tofu Chips for the Vegans

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Quiche

Smoked Rainbow Trout

Please let us know in advanced about any dietary requirements and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. While we are all eating together Shona will be taking you though the following topics.

All recipes will be available on this website. See our blog for our weekly updates.

Lunch Topics

  • Mental Toughness Techniques
  • Runners Injuries and the key exercises to keep you moving
  • Ultra running race kit, equipment and technical advice
  • Aid Station and Support Crew Strategies
  • Sports Nutrition for performance, Hydration and Fuelling for racing-recap and questions answered about the trail workshop nutrition and hydration plan.

Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp Cost is $95.00

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If you would like a pre-event training program to get you up to speed and ready for your next event subscribe for 3 months of online coaching for $330 including a Face to Face session so she can give you a bio-mechanic assessment and demonstrate the correct technique for her strength, stretch, plyometric, power, mobility and program. Shona is a sports nutritionist too so ask her for help with your every day diet and race and training nutrition.

The online Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp and Coaching Package is $360

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An $11 online registering surcharge will be applied with registering online. If you’d like to pay by direct debit please email Shona directly and she will give you her direct debit payment details.

Fitness Level Requirements for the Mount Glorious Trail Running Camp (one of below).

  • Sub 1 Hour 10km
  • Sub 2 Hour 15 1/2 Marathon
  • Sub 4:30 Hour Marathon
  • Or send us an email with your past two year trail race results (every race from 10km-100km in the past two years) with a description of your current fitness level, past marathon results and we may be able to accommodate your needs
  • If you are unsure of your current fitness level, please call Shona on 0417 693 281 and talk to her to see if this camp is suitable for you. The Mount Glorious Wilderness Camp “Trail Taster” is an entry level camp for runners who can run 10km comfortably and who are doing hill, interval and speed training as part of their program.
  • Shona offers programs and online coaching. If you’d like Shona to write you a program designed especially for you. Please contact Shona and she will write you a program to improve your fitness and make sure you are prepared mentally and physically for the training camp and your next key event.

Contact Shona by

Mobile: 0417 693 281



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