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“Shona has been my running coach for the past 6 months and I can’t speak highly enough of her knowledge, passion and expertise in regards to run coaching, personal training and nutrition.

As a an avid and passionate Ultra Marathoner, I got to a stage where I knew I needed to improve on my technique and hill running in order to achieve and surpass my run goals. After the first 20 min phone call I received from Shona I knew I had found the perfect run coach to achieve this as she could immediately identify areas of improvement and give me tips on nutrition I could implement straight away.

Over the last 6 months and in each session I have with Shona I am blown away by how much she has taught me and improved all aspects of my Health and Fitness – both physical and mentally. Not only has she vastly improved my running technique and my ability to run hills, she has also identified and helped me implement changes to my nutrition which has helped me improve my asthma and breathing, and my whole metabolic profile.

If you are after an exceptional trainer or coach who will improve all aspects of your health and fitness and ensure you achieve all your goals then I can not recommend Shona highly enough. Words really can’t express just how awesome Shona is”

Matt King 2018

My goal following a nasty ankle injury was to complete my first half marathon.
The thought of a full marathon was so far-fetched and elusive that it never even crossed my mind at the time.
I needed a lot of help!
Not only to run the distance but to also recover from injury and prevent further injury.
I felt comfortable from the first phone conversation I had with Shona. She showed genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals.
Her training methods focus on all aspects of running- physical, mental and nutritional.
Shona’s love of running is infectious and inspiring and her encouragement brings the best out of me in every training session.  
Within the short 6 months I have been training with Shona, I have not only completed my goal half marathon, I have run multiple trail races including the Lamington Classic back to back 21km, the Mount Glorious half marathon and that far-fetched and elusive full marathon will be in 2 weeks!
I have Shona to thank for helping me achieve my goals and for helping me continue to strive to complete new goals. Definitely the best coach ever!!
Cora Lau 2018

Shona – thumbs up for YOU  you are just the best 🙂 … of course also Michael and the the rope Guys

You are both beautiful people, so humble and so generous with your time and your knowledge !!

That picture says it all … You were always there for all of us. Never missed a beat, I’ve learned so much and truly believe that the nutrition bit was for me personally the most important. Perpeteum, those Hammer bars and Electrolytes worked wonders.

I’ve been struggling many times during a few Ironman 70.3 and a few Ironman (even one DNF 🙁 – collapsing with only 8ks to go !!!!) but this time everything worked beautifully. The nutrition is one of the most important factors in our sport and you had this so well covered.

I can so much relate to the little story when earlier on he just drank coke, water, gatorade whatever there is … How can our poor body cope with all that rubbish when its meant to function and race ?! So thumbs up for Hammer

Everything was so valuable and I’m so thankful that I signed u[ straight away for UTA when I spotted it on FB.

I feel a bit better prepared now with the right tools. I cant wait to put them now into practice in my next training


“I’ve got all the info and knowledge to reach my goal 13-14 hours. It’s up to me now to put this into action. Cheers.”
Andre Kok

“Shona! You are awesome. Thanks for being so approachable and genuine to help the group achieve their own goals!”
Justin Low

“Highly useful. Also beneficial for other events”.
Dave G

“Need to settle on a nutrition plan in the future. Happy that I can continue improving. I have been reminded of my weakness (Firetrail Speed, Long Uphill Drag Speed).
Tony Williams


‘Shona trained me at the start of this year to run the 50k Coast Trek challenge. Having only been capable of running an egg and spoon race at school, I didn’t fancy my chances of finishing – let alone doing well. But Shona had faith that me and my team mates could do it. And by March 2011, we not only finished the 50k race, but we came 3rd female team. A combination of excellent training sessions, advice on nutrition and general encouragement (‘toughen up princesses’) got us through. I have since run the Outback Marathon. This year I am hoping to complete TNF100 (and am scared). But if anyone can get me through it, Shona can.’ —

Jayne Andrews


north face 100 training plan, results speak for themselves

Shona is hard core, inspiring and so so passionate about getting people running ! 

Shona gave myself and my friend Suzy a sense of self belief that we weren’t completely crazy for entering our first ultra marathon the North Face 100 ! We have both gone on to have fun and adventures completing other long distance events since.

Shona is always encouraging at training and she is a bit of a laugh too !!   Shona’s Ultra Running Training coaching methods are effective and motivating and she is always very generous with her time and advice to every-one.”—

Jane Montgomery


Four years ago I didn’t run – in fact I probably would have laughed if any one suggested that I take up running. Since that time I have definitely been converted. After only training for a short time I found myself entering my first races at the time they seemed like really long distances and following the buzz of my first city to surf I found myself agreeing to enter a slightly longer race;
‘Yeah you can do it …I’ll be there to support you…come on it will be awesome’
I had just crossed over I had entered my first 50km event. I have now completed two Coastreks 50km. My Team of novices won the overall event in 2011 breaking a record by over 2 hours.
In 2012 Shona, Myself and two different team mates who have never run 50km before, again won Coastrek 50k overall and broke our own record by over an hour.
I have competed in various other trail runs (Coastal Classic, Glow Worm Tunnel, Manly Dam) and in the early days was the one taken on some pretty mad training runs along the sydney coastline, in the Blue Mountains and the bust around Sydney and I love it.
Training with Shona and meeting has been one of the keys to my own continuing involvement in trail running and being able to run long distance events. Their commitment and knowledge is amazing and inspiring. I have learnt so much about the steps needed to prepare myself, including the right amount of training, nutrition both before during & after a race or run and that with a great support team you can do just about anything.
This year with Shona’s ongoing support I am going to run my first 6 foot Track and maybe think about The North Face 100 and I can only think about doing this because I now have the knowledge and the confidence about what it takes to get on the trails and how I need to prepare myself. Thanks Shona.

Renae Van Der Pol

I embarked on a crazy adventure knowing that I would be well prepared and in good hands with  Shona Stephenson who I train with. Shona is highly motivated and fiercely competitive.
We ran 50km on beautiful trails that included lots of sand from Palm Beach to Balmoral.  It is a long way and to run it with a group of like minded girls that Shona pulled together from her personal training clients and bootcamp sessions. It was a huge personal achievement for us all for many different reasons.  These girls I now call my friends.  We completed Coastrek 50k in 8hrs 15 mins and had an absolute ball.  The reason we achieved what we set out to do and had lots of fun was because of Shona.
Shona is an amazing ultra trail running trainer and has taught me that you are able to achieve anything you put your mind to and she only expects what she knows you are capable of achieving on a personal level.
I loved my first ultra trail running event and owe it all to Shona who persuaded me to enter, she supported me and our team, wrote a training program, advised on nutrition, especially on our long run training sessions and recovery. She always kept us motivated and focused even through some injury issues.I know that anyone who meets Shona and wants to train with her will have a fun time and achieve what they set out to do.
Kellie Clarke


Shona provides encouragement and motivation as well as technical know-how. I went from being a trail-running novice to finishing first team outright in Coast Trek 2011 and second all-female team in Trailwalker 2011 with Shona. If there is one person you want out there on the trail with you its Shona!
Mia Rose


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