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Shona Stephenson Ultra Training Australia Coach running along the Alpine Crossing.
Ultra Training Australia Coach Shona Stephenson enjoying the trails on Garie Beach

Running Coaching

Meet your Ultra Training Australia Running Coaching Team.

Shona Stephenson is a warm and  friendly running coach, who want to help you get to your goals with the best knowledge and advise possible. She has the passion, knowledge and experience for anything running. Their goal is to get you running pain free so you can have the most fun out of every session or race.

Here is Shona’s Bio’s Below;

Shona Stephenson Bio

Shona Stephenson’s passion is to encourage, train and motivate everyday people to exercise.

Shona Stephenson is an experienced Master Personal Trainer who has transformed her body in to a lean mean ultra running machine. In just 5 years Shona has trained herself to become the current Australian Ultra Runner Trail National Champion.

Shona gained over 20 kilos of fat with her first child and discovered that with discipline, hard work and a fair bit of running she could move 20 kilos of weight in a year. After having her second child Shona ran her first City2Surf in 2007 and then in 2008 Shona shaved her hair off to a No 1 to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and decided to enter for first 1/2 marathon only 6 weeks later the Sydney 1/2 Marathon.

Shona then ran her first 1/2 marathon in 2008 she decided that she needed to become stronger in the hips, quads and glutes to prevent further injuries and she entered her first trail race “The Great Nosh Footrace” .This race almost killed her, like most novice trail runners, she was totally out of her depth.  Instead of giving up she came back two years later and managed a 2nd place in 2009 and 2010 winning “The Great Nosh”.

Shona Stephenson left her fashion career and completed her Cert 1V Master Personal Trainer Certificate and in 2009 started up Great Outdoor Training.  Like most trail runners her real goal was to run the “6 Foot Track” . She still had yet to run a qualifying race. At the end of 2009 the only marathon left on the calendar for the year so she could qualify for the “6 Foot Track” was Deep Space Marathon. Shona traveled down to Canberra to run “Deep Space Mountain Marathon” and just to qualify for the “ 6 Foot Track”. Instead Shona won the Deep Space Mountain Marathon , her first ever marathon and this win gave her the confidence to believe that she could be competitive and even win another trail event.


Shona Stephenson 

Mobile 0417 693 281


Personal Achievements

  • 2017 1st Place Mt Glorious Marathon
  • 2017 1st Mt Mee Marathon
  • 2017 1st Brisbane Trail Marathon
  • 2017 3rd Overall Kokoda Challenge
  • 2017 1st Place Darkness to Daylight 110km Road
  • 2017 5th Place Blackall 100 Aust Championships
  • 1st Place Blackall 100km Sunshine Coast 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 3rd Place Coastal High 50km GC
  • 2nd Place 50km Brisbane River Run Brisbane
  • 2016 1st Mixed Team Oxfam TW Brisbane Brisbane
  • 2016 4th Place SEQ Trail Championships 25km GC
  • 2016 4th Place Moonlight Shotover Marathon Queenstown NZ
  • 2015 1st Place the Blackall 100km
  • 2015 1st Place Run Larapinta 4 Day Stage Event
  • 2015 1st Place Ridgeline Adventures
  • 2015 3rd Place TNF100 Blue Mountains NSW Australia UTWT
  • 2015 6th Place Oceanic Skyrunning Ultra Champs Buffalo Stampede
  • 2015 1st Place Up The Buff South East Queensland Trail Running Champs
  • 2015 6th Place Tarawera Ultra Rotarura New Zealand UTWT
  • 2015 1st Place Hounds and Hares 55km
  • 2014 1st Place Blackall 100
  • 2014 1st Place Lamington Classic 42.2 and 21.1 Binna Burra to O’Reiley’s Return Sat/Sun
  • 2014 10th Female UTMB Chamonix France, Italy, Switzerland UTWT
  • 2014 1st Mixed Team Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast Australia
  • 2014 3rd Place Pomona KOM
  • 2014 1st Female Team Oxfam TW Brisbane Australia
  • 2014 9th Place TNF100 Blue Mountains NSW Australia UTWT
  • 2014 6th Place UTMF Mt Fuji Japan UTWT
  • 2014 6th Place Tarawera Ultra New Zealand UTWT
  • 2014 2nd Place Spartan Brisbane Sprint 7km
  • 2013 1st Place Hakuba International Trails 50km Hakuba Japan 
  • 2013 2nd Place Sydney Trail Series Race 3
  • 2013 9th Place Mt Blanc Marathon Chamonix France
  • 2013 3rd Place The North Face 100 11 Hours 45 Minutes PB
  • 2013 1st Place Sydney Trail Series Race 3 Fastest Lap for the Series 49:25
  • 2013 2nd Place Ultra Trail Mt Fuji UTMF 26 Hours 56 Minutes Japan
  • 2013 1st Place Northburn 100 Mile Debut 100 Mile 3rd Place Overall New Course Record 24 Hours 26 Minutes New Zealand
  • 2013 Unofficial 1st Place Tarawera 85km Retired Sick from a Heamaturia From the 100km. Shona gave Medal and 1st Place of the 85km to Jenni Hoogeveen New Zealand.
  • 2013 Coastrek Team Event Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 50km New Course Record 5 Hours 53 Minutes
  • 2013 1st Place Australian Ultra Runners Trail National Championships Maroondah Dam 50km
  • 2013 1st Place Sydney Trail Series STS Race 3 10.2km. New Course Record.
  • 2013 1st Place Sydney Trail Series STS Race 2 10.2km. New Course Record.
  • 2012 1st Place Sydney Trail Series STS Race 1 10.2km. Course Record.
  • 2012 1st Place in 30/50 Challenge with No Roads Expeditions team mate Beth Cardelli. Course Record.
  • 2012 unofficial 2nd female and 3rd overall for the GNW 100K (Retired sick from GNW100M with a bacteria lung infection after 110km).
  • 2012 1st Place Great Ocean Walk 100km. Course Record.
  • 2012 1st Place Inaugural Surf Coast Century 100km. Course Record.
  • 2012 1st Place Coastal Classic. Course Record.
  • 2012 1st Place Oxfam Trail Walker Sydney. Mixed Team Record.
  • 2012 1st Place Foot Point Trail Series Race 1 and 2.
  • 2012 3rd Place in The North Face 100km
  • 2012 3rd Place in the Glow Worn Tunnel Marathon
  • 2012 4th Place in the Woodford to Glenbrook
  • 2012 1st Place Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach. Course Record.
  • 2011 1st Place GNW 100km. Course Record.
  • 2011 1st Place Coastal Classic. Course Record.
  • 2011 2nd Fitzroy Falls Marathon
  • 2011 1st Place Coastrek. Course Record.
  • 2011 9th Place in the 6 Foot Track
  • 2011 1st Place The Great Nosh
  • 2010 12th Place 6 Foot Track
  • 2009 1st Place Deep Space Mountain Marathon. (My first Marathon ).
Shona’s Coaching Results
  • Jess Schulter 3rd Place Blackall 100 2016 2nd Place 2017 and currently the Australian Aura Long Course Champion.
  • Karen Barrnett 5th Place Blackall 100 2016 Winner of the Grand Slam at the Buffalo Stampede 2017
  • Steven Pemberton 4th Place Blackall 100 2016
  • Andy Speakman Bronze Buckle TNF100
  • Andy Speakman 3rd Place Run Queensland Trail Series
  • Zara Speakman and Jett Speakman kids Trail Series Run Queensland top 10 placings
  • Dylan Cole Sub 14 Hours Silver Buckle  TNF100
  • Tony Phillips 13 Hours 10 Minutes Silver Buckle TNF100 2015
  • Steven Pemberton 20th Place Oceanic Skyrunning Ultra Champs
  • Steven Pemberton 7th Place Up The Buff 25km
  • Steven Pemberton 25th Tarawera Ultra 10 Hours 17 PB for 100km
  • Rachel Tucker 8th Place Tarawera 80km
  • Steven Pemberton 3rd Place Blackall 100km 11 Hours 45 min 6 hour PB
  • Jess Schuter 1st Place 50km Wild Horse Criterium 2015
  • Jess Schuter 3rd Place the Lamington Classic 42.2
  • Steven Pemberton 3rd Place Lamington Classic, fastest 42.2 and 21.2km 
  • Jess Schuter 3rd Place Glass House 50km
  • Erika Brann 19 Hours 13 minutes a 4 hour personal best for a 100km 37 degree conditions and on a tougher course. 4th female
  • SCC Matt Hosking 17th in 10 Hours 33 Minutes in his first 100km event.
  • SCC Graham Plant 58th in 13 Hours 24 Minutes in his  first 100km event.
  • TNF100 2013 Personal Best for all Shona’s Clients. 20 Clients Finished the event. 1 with drew due to a broken rib, another withdrew due to a heart condition. 1 Finished under 24 Hours, 3 Finished Sub 14 Hours, 15 Finished under 20 Hours.
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 1st, 2nd  Place Overall, 1st Female team, 5th Female Team
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 1st place Overall New Record 2012
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 2nd Female Team 2012
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 3rd Female Team 2012
  • TNF100 1 Client finished under 16 hours 2012
  • TNF100 1 client finished under 20 hours 2012
  • Outback Marathon 2 clients qualified for 6 foot Track 2012
  • Oxfam TW Sydney Overall Winning Team No Roads New Mixed Record 2012
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 1st place Overall New Record 2011
  • Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 2nd Female Team 2011
  • Oxfam TW Sydney 2nd Female Team 2011
  • TNF100 1 Client Finished Under 20 Hours
  • TNF100 1 Client Finished Under 21 Hours


  • Australian Institute of Fitness Cert 3 Gym Instructor Certificate
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Cert 4 Personal Trainer Certificate.
  • Master Personal Training Certificate.
  • Optimal Sports Nutrition Certificate 15 Cecs.
  • Punch Fit Boxing Trainer 8 Cecs.
  • Re:viva 2012 First Aid Certificate 2012
  • Outdoor Cert 4 Cecs
  • Weight Management 1 Cecs
  • Is Protein The Key To Fat Loss 1 Cecs
  • Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design, Styling , Pattern Making and Management
  • Diploma of fashion Design, Styling and Pattern Making.


Shona’s Business Roles
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