Ultra Marathon Training Program F.A.Q.

Ultra Training Program F.A.Q.

Ultra Training Australia requires that for the enjoyment of the group and the safety of everyone involved that all participants are fit enough to complete the ultra marathon training program on the day.

Ultra Training Australia coaches Shona Stephenson and Steven Pemberton want the day to run smoothly so you get the most out of your Ultra Trail Camp experience so they are asking that you are fit enough to join the camp.

To be eligible to join Ultra Training Australia Camp you will need to have run one of the following events or have run an Ultra or a Marathon in a reasonable time the past two years. Fitness Level Required One of the following;

  • Sub 1 Hour 10km
  • Sub 2:15 1/2 Marathon
  • Sub 4:30 Hour Marathon Sub 5 hour Marathon if Female
  • Sub 2.5 Hour Trail 15km

Or send us an email with your past two year race results (every race from 10km-100km in the past two years) with a description of your current fitness level. Email Shona Stephenson with you race certificate or race results for approval for the camp. shonastephenson@me.com

Once you have been approved to join Ultra Training Australia and you have paid your entry fee you will be sent a Health Screen Form with a Waiver in which you will list any injuries and illness that you have or had just so Shona Stephenson and Steven Pemberton can look after your individual needs throughly.

We will split the group into fitness levels and potential goals for the up coming events. No ore than 10 people will be in each group.

The groups will be divided into the following;

“Entry Level to Intermediate”.

“Intermediate to Advanced.”


I’m currently not following a training program, where can I get one to prepare me for the camp?

You can contact either Shona or Steve who will be your running coaches for the Ultra Training Australia Camp. They will be able to write you a program for the next 3 months for $330. Phone 0417 693 281 or email shonastephenson@me.com


Who will benefit from Ultra Training Australia Camps?

Ultra Training Australia Camp is for any runner male or female who is wants to run the flats and the descents, walk up the stairs and be prepared to walk and run the climbs. When we say walk and run the climbs it could mean 20 running steps and 20 walking steps up a climb or what every rhythm you are prepared to do up the climbs. Even Shona Stephenson will have to walk and run some of the climbs in some events.

I can’t run up big climbs yet. Will I be fit enough for the camp?

Ultra Training Australia is also for a strong runner on the flats and the descents and who is a “fast power walker” up the climbs to. Some people can “power walk” faster than they can run up some steep descents. Shona Stephenson and Steven Pemberton will help you find a technique that works for you on your Ultra Trail Training Australia Session.

Will I be placed with other runners with the same ability?

Yes, we will screen all the health screen or sign up forms and make sure everyone is in a group at is suited to their fitness level. Ultra Training Australia is also a safe and fun meeting place for new friends and social running groups. You will be encouraged to form buddies during the session in the hope that they may become your new Ultra Trail Training  and Trail Running Network.

I’m a bit clumsy on the trail and I have a habit of falling over, will this camp be suitable for me?

Ultra Training Australia is also for a trail runner who wants to improve their trail running, training and racing skills. Learn from the one of the most consistent trail “racers” in the country Shona Stephenson. Learn how she can “Back Up” after each race and be ready to race competitively again week to week.

I have no idea hoot approach my race and training nutrition and hydration plan. Will this camp help me design a nutrition plan for my next event?

Ultra Training Australia will also benefit a runner who wants to learn more about Sports Nutrition, Hydration and Fuelling. Fuelling and Hydration will be a key subject discussed and put into practice when you are training and will be a highlighted subject at the Post Session Seminar. 

I’m competing in Kokoda Challenge and Oxfam and I would like information on how to structure my check points, drop bags and gear set up. Will Ultra Training Australia help me organise my next racing support crew, gear and drop bags?

Ultra Training Australia will help improve your Check Point transitions and will also discuss gear and technical set up for the up coming events. You will be shown fast transitional techniques and simplify your check point stops.

You will gain valuable knowledge of what to expect from your support crew, or you will be advised on who to set up your bag drops. Every aspect of running The North Face 100 or any of your chosen event will be dissected and you will become a confident ultra trail runner.

What happens if I am sick for a training camp that I have booked and paid for?

At Ultra Training Australia we will make sure all the runners are fit and healthy 2 days before the camp. If you are sick with flu like or virus symptoms please just let us know and we will either offer you a credit towards the next training camp or offer you a seperate day out with one of our available coaches either Shona Stephenson or Steven Pemberton where you will be taken out on the same course. You will be emailed out the PDFs of the seminar topics and have the chance to ask any relevant questions of one of our coaches. The coaches will make the most of the one on one trail workshop time with you and discuss the Seminar Topics with you whilst out on the run.

Our mission at Ultra Training Australia is to help get you to your next goal. Give you a competitive edge  though our combined knowledge and skills of running coaching and bio-mechanics, sports nutrition, mental toughness, gear set up, injury prevention, recovery, check point, drop bag and transition strategies.

Contact the team at Ultra Training Australia by

Phone 0417 693 281

email shonastephenson@me.com


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