Plyometrics for Running

2 Quick Plyometrics for Running

Plyometrics for running can be added into your weekly routine at least once a week. Plyometrics are a crucial form of exercise that will increase your strength, power, agility, fast twitch muscle fibre recruitment and performance. They are also a dynamic form of stretching.

Hopping and Squat Jumps are 2 easy forms of plyometrics that you can add straight into your routine if you are not injured and have a good base fitness. If you are new to ploys, I’d suggest start with 3 sets of 10 SINGLE LEG CALF RAISES and SINGLE LEG SQUATS for 3 weeks before attempting to start jumping.

1) Hopping- Why? When we run up to 3 times out body weight can be absorbed through our bodies. We need to be strong enough to control the force and flexible enough to reuse the energy from our calf muscles. We can increase strength, flexibility, agility and develop fast twitch muscles in our legs.

Hop over 10 meters.

Change Legs at 10 Meters Hop back to your start point and repeat 5 times

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2) Squat Jumps Why? Squat jumps will help increase your power and flexibility  in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and lower back.

3-5 sets of 10

Touch the ground with 2 hands

Try to drop your butt in-line with your knees.

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