north face 100 training program

January North Face 100 Training 

Get ready for Australia’s premiere Ultra Trail Race of the year with results driven and client focused Ultra Trail Running Coaches Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson. Take the guess work out of preparing for The North Face 100 Australia* and learn from two of the best male and female Ultra Trail Runners in Australia Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson.

At The North Face 100 Brendan Davies finished 4th, behind international athletes with a time of 10 Hours 2 minutes and Shona Stephenson finished The North Face 100 in 12 hours flat with a 3rd position and making it onto the podium.

Ultra Training Australia are launching their first training camp in January 18th in the Blue Mountains of Australia utilising the stunning trails of The North Face 100 Australia * course. Join the “Ultra Training Australia” team and get results from two of the most experienced Ultra Trail Running Training Coaches in the country Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson.

Your Ultra Trail trainers Brendan and Shona work, run, breathe, sleep and coach Ultra Trail Running. Their unique coaching style of incorporating skilful guidance and encouragement will motivate, instil self-belief in your own trail running ability and allow you to achieve more than you could have imagined. If their other clients can do it so can you. Read their testimonials from happy Ultra Trail Running clients.

Meet new like-minded and similarly skilled trail running friends.They may become your potential training partners for your next Ultra Trail event. Brendan and Shona will introduce you to your new trail running buddies in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Your Ultra Training Camp will be social, exciting, informative and most of all really fun. You will have a blast while you learn new trail running skills and meeting new running mates.

The January Unofficial North Face 100 Training Camp will provide you with “Pre-Ultra Training Australia Program”, “Ultra Training Australia Program” for The North Face 100 Australia *, with 6 Foot Track, and Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon races incorporated into the program. Click on the Packages Page to find out the full details of the package.

6 Foot Track Marathon, Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon, North Face 100 training Program
January North Face 100 Training Camp Date

Saturday the 19th of January

North Face 100 Training Camp Meeting Time 6AM

Session briefing, meet and greet your new trail running mates and registration.

North Face 100 Training Camp Start Time 6:30am

Distance Covered 40-50km in the Blue Mountains on the trails used in the North Face 100 Australia *

depending on which group you are allocated too.

2 Small Groups

  • Sub 14 Hours TNF100 Goal “Speedy” Silver Buckle
  • Sub 19 Hours TNF100 Goal “Giving it a Crack” Bronze Buckle
Lunch Break 1-2:30pm

Lunch will be at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba.

Time depending on speed of the group.

Meet for Lunch and Rest, Recovery and Rehydration.

Ultra Training Australia Camp Seminar 2:30pm-5:30pm including Afternoon Tea Break.


  • Ultra running race kit, equipment and technical advice
  • Hydration and Fuelling for racing
  • Pre-race and Post Race Nutrition
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Injury Prevention
  • Check Point transitional strategies
  • Advice for Support Crews
Post Ultra Training Australia Drinks at the pub 6pm  “optional”.
  • Fitness Level Required One of the following;
  • Check out our FAQ’s Page for more information
  • 6 Foot Track Completion or Qualification
  • Previous North Face 100 Australia Sub 20 Hours
  • Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney Sub 20 Hours
  • Coastrek 50km Sub 9 hours
  • Kanangra Classic Sub 7 hours
  • Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Sub 7 hours
  • Mt Solitary Ultra Sub 7 Hours
  • GNW100 Sub 19 Hours
  • GOW 100’s Sub 17 Hours
  • Sub 4:30 Hour Marathon Sub 5 hour Marathon if Female
  • Or send us an email with your past two year race results (every race from 10km-100km in the past two years) with a description of your current fitness level, past marathon results and we may be able to accommodate your needs



* Ultra Training Australia are in no way affiliated with The North Face 100 Australia and the name North Face 100 Australia is only used to describe what kind of race this North Face 100 training program Package would be suitable for.

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