north face 100 training camp

Ultra Training Australia Packages

Book fast as group numbers are limited for the following training camps.


This Trail Training package will suit intermediate to advanced runnners looking to compete in events like

  • 6 Foot Track.
  • The North Face 100 Training Camp (TNF100)
  • Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon (GWTM)


January North Face 100 training camp 6:00am

Meet up for the north face 100 Training camp and gear check training camp briefing.

You’ll be supplied with the exact same Gels and sustenance as Shona Stephenson & Brendan Davies will be using on the day.

You will be encouraged to fuel and hydrate regularly as hydration and fuelling is crucial to having a successful training session and race.

January North Face 100 training camp 6:30am

January camp Starts.

“Speedy” around 50km and “Giving it a Crack” around 40km distance and route TBA

No Morning Tea. This is not a picnic it is a training session. We will be practicing race day hydration and nutrition.

You will be eating every 30-40 minutes and hydration regualry.

North face 100 training camp

North Face 100 training camp
1pm-2:30 pm Lunch at the Carrington Hotel depending on your session completion.

3pm Ultra Training Australia Seminar with Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson.

In depth advise given and questions asked about the following;

  • Training For ultra Marathons.
  • Mental toughness for when the going gets tough.
  • Nutrition and Hydration to make sure you’re performing at your best.
  • Learn Checkpoint and transition strategies.
  • Support Crew and Drop Bag Advise.
  • Rest and Recovery because there’s always another challenge.
  • Injury prevention, agility, strength, conditioning and stretching.
  • Training Programs explained in full.

Learn how to look after your body so you can race, train and work hard like Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson.

Your Package also includes
  • 6 Foot Track Training Camp Program.
  • North Face 100 Training Camp Program.
  • Glow Worn Tunnel Training Camp Program.
  • Strength and Conditioning Injury prevention program.
  • Fueling and Hydration Race Strategy.
  • All Hammer Gels, Perpetuem, Endurolytes, Choc Chip Bar and heed will be supplied to you as part of your package.
  • 2 week Meal Planner to get lean and stay lean for racing.
  • Race Week Meal Planner.
  • Post Race Meal Planner.

Michael Leadbetter Photography will be at the North Face 100 Training Camp on the day to take some stunning shots they’ll be downloadable after the day from The Michael Leadbetter Photography Website.


Ongoing support, advise and mentoring from Brendan Davies and Shona Stephenson to get you through you’re training program.

One Day Ultra Training Package

$180/person for 40-50km Mentoring Long Run, including all race nutrition for the day. Lunch at the Carrington Hotel with Post Session Ultra Training Australia Seminar and on going online support.

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